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Gunnar Beutner

Gunnar Beutner

Developer, System Administrator & Technical Writer


During my sabbatical year in 2021 I’ve contributed a wide range of changes to the SerenityOS open source project. These include improvements to the kernel, build system, userspace applications and integration of third-party applications.

One of the more user-visible improvements is my implementation of the card game Hearts:

Hearts app

Icinga 2

Icinga 2 is an infrastructure monitoring system which was started at NETWAYS as an open source project in 2012. It features a bespoke scripting language which lets users describe their monitoring environment using rules. Together with my colleagues I designed the project’s overall architecture, developed its features and provided support for the community.

Lunch Shop

While working at NETWAYS I also built an internal lunch shop web application with a payment system. The shop collects lunch orders from colleagues and takes care of payment flows. Colleagues could top up their lunch accounts with SEPA transfers.

Lunch shop

ZFS on Linux / OpenZFS

When Oracle announced the end of OpenSolaris in 2010 the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory launched the ZFS on Linux project. In collaboration with other open source contributors they brought the ZFS filesystem to Linux as an out-of-tree kernel module. My contributions in the early days of the project include a number of bugfixes as well as the required infrastructure to enable NFS and SMB sharing for ZFS datasets.


If you’ve been on IRC in the 2000s you might remember using my IRC proxy shroudBNC. It supports TLS, IPv6, multiple users and its built-in features can be extended using Tcl scripts. This was my first open source project.